Blogging Crash Course

Blogging and social networking are inextricably linked in the sense that both contain certain features and certain properties of one another. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned.

Though it is true that blogs can be regulated and kept very private, the main purpose of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice your opinion.

This course can be seen as a quick introduction to blogging as a profitable business

The following downloadable modules are included:

  1. Video Training
  2. Ebook

The following chapters are covered in the course material:

  1. Blogging in 21st Century: Introduction to Online Journaling
  2. How Can Online Blogging Be Profitable to Ordinary Individuals?
  3. How to Start Your Own Blog in Less than 15 Minutes
  4. Writing Content and Getting Constant Traffic to Your Blog

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