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SEO backlinks course: Learn how to boost your SEO rank with highly targeted traffic from this high authority PDF back link generation strategy. 9 Part video course.

Learn How to Boost Your SEO Rank and Generate Targeted Traffic Using This High Authority PDF Back linking Strategy.

This 9-part video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily get high authority backlinks that search engines absolutely love.

While many different types of backlinks no longer really give you the search engine ranking that you need, there are still some great back-linking strategies well worth your time.

The goal is to create quality content backlinks by using PDF files so that any prospect that reads your PDF will be pre-sold in advance to help you better convert whatever products and services you are selling.

Introducing “Targeted high authority backlink SEO strategy”

  • Part 1: Introduction - a Quick overview of this course and how it is laid out so that you can understand how to implement it faster.  We will also cover which tools you're going to need.
  • Part 2: Choose Your Attack Plan - There are three different attack plans depending on what you are selling. This way you presell your traffic before it even reaches your website or the product that you're promoting.
  • Part 3: Create Content - Once you have gotten your attack plan angle, it's time to create content that will not only educate, but gain your visitors’ trust. 
  • Part 4: Spice it Up - How to turn your bland content into something beautiful and visually appealing. There are specific sites that we have tested out, which work extremely well for this specific step. 
  • Part 5: Types of Hyperlinks - Once you have your content in hand, it's time to add some hyperlinks so that when people view your PDF file they are able to click the link and be brought to the website you were promoting. 
  • Part 6: Things to Gather - Before we complete this process and convert the content to a PDF file we want to gather a few more things, which we will discuss in this particular video.
  • Part 7: Convert to PDF - Basic Conversion - As I stated in the first video, there are two different ways to convert the PDF files. This software can only convert basic hyperlinks such as text hyperlinks.
  • Part 8: Convert to PDF - Hotspot Hyperlinks - If you want to know how to convert images or hotspots, the truth of the matter is that most software is unable to do this. Research revealed that the very expensive software called Adobe Acrobat Pro can do this, but rather than dishing out $400, I'm going to show you how to do it for much cheaper.
  • Part 9 -  Upload and Generate Backlinks - At this point of the video course itself, you will have a PDF file with hyperlinks that link directly to the website that you want to rank and which drives traffic too. Now, the whole purpose of this video course is not just to drive traffic, but to get high authority backlinks to the site you want to rank.

Grab this video course now so you can start getting high quality PDF Backlinks from high authority sites to boost your SEO ranking!

Course Curriculum

Learn how to boost your SEO rank with highly targeted traffic from this high authority PDF back link generation strategy. Sign up below.

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