Mindset launch: the growth mindset online coaching

Only Known To World’s Top Achievers — Warning! It Will Be Impossible To Achieve Success Without This Mindset.

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Only Known To World’s Top Achievers — Warning! — It Will Be Impossible To Achieve Success Without This Mindset. 

Read On Only If You Want to Get The Success That You Deserve. If you want to change your life, achieve the level of success that you wanted, and join the rank of world’s respected & top achievers... then this is the most important course for you today.

Here’s why: Your success starts with a mindset designed for success. Sadly, most people are not wired to have a mindset for success. In fact, none of us were born to have this mindset. This ‘secret’ mindset is only known to the successful people can only be discovered by people yearning for success.

Lesson Chapters:

 Chapter 1  What is Mindset? 

How Mindsets Are Formed 
Types Of Mindsets

Chapter 2 Why is Mindset Important?

Importance Of Mindset In Life
Mindsets Are More Than Beliefs
Life Experiences Reinforce The Mindset
The Emotion Factor
What Does Science Say About Mindsets?

Chapter 3 Fixed vs Growth Mindset 

Mindset In Practice
Mindset In Action
The Basics of Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Chapter 4  The Dangers of a Fixed Mindset
The Desire To Be Flawless
Decreasing Self-Knowledge
The Need for Constant Validation

Chapter 5  The Power of a Growth Mindset

Offers A Sense Of Fulfilment
Develops Resilience
Buffers Against Demotivation
Encourages Perseverance
Promotes Critical Thinking
Practice Makes Perfect 

Chapter 6 Can You Change Your Mindset?
Resistant To Change
Using Fear To Change Your Mindset
Using Actions To Change Your Mindset
Identifying Your Counter Mindsets
Shifting Gears From The Negative To The Positive
Understand “WHY” You Need To Change
Start Small To Finish Big

Chapter 7  Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset
Continual Learning
Be Committed
Develop Healthy Self Esteem
Work On Your Perspective
Set Effective Goals
Manage Your Inner Negative Voice
Facing Adversity
Be Open To Feedback

Chapter 8  Dealing with Setbacks
The Importance Of Failure
Experience And Knowledge .
Resilience And Growth
Change Your Strategy
Seeking Inspiration Through Others
Using Failure As Leverage
Redefining Priorities And Values
Don’t Let Your Failure Define You
Helps Reach Your Potential
Failure Is Always Better Than Regret
Setbacks Yield A Sense Of Direction

What's included?

12 Videos
1 Text
1 Download